Certificate Program in Integrated Primary Care

Program Overview

The Certificate Program in Integrated Primary Care is a distance-based program that was developed by the Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Psychology in collaboration with its Curriculum Consultants, Neftali Serrano, Psy.D., and Hunter Hansen, Psy.D., to provide student-centered distance learning focusing on information that is directly relevant to the professional development and learning objectives of the student.

Multiple teaching modalities are employed, to create a program combining rigor and flexibility. These modalities include:
  • videotaped lectures
  • use of online resources
  • online discussion boards
  • traditional readings
  • case formulation and presentation

The didactic portion of the program consists of 20 modules, each specifically designed and developed for its relevance across professions. Major topics include basic concepts in integrated primary care, attributes of the care provider, practice standards, assessment, and program development. The program provides continuing education for several professions. We are in the process of establishing consortial arrangements so that a variety of professionals can receive credit toward CE requirements of licensure. Information about continuing education credit specific to each discipline can be found here.

The Course Instructor works closely with students to help maximize the experience. Interaction across the professions is considered an essential component of the program.